Schmidt Farmland
Mason Creek Restoration Project

Tall Pines Conservancy (TPC) is partnering with North Lake Management District and the Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program on a stream restoration project for Mason Creek. This project involves converting a historically-channelized section of the creek to a natural, meandering course to handle periods of high water flow and reduces the movement of phosphorous-laden sediment to downstream properties and North Lake. The new 1600-foot stream course follows the topography of the land, features riffles and pools for improved fish and aquatic life habitat, and allows for better establishment of native vegetation to filter nutrients and stabilize soil.

Tall Pines Conservancy has been working closely with the Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program and 30 other partners to reduce phosphorous loading to North Lake and other bodies of water located in Lake Country. These efforts include working directly with farmers and landowners to incorporate best management practices that improve soil health and address runoff.  This project is funded by public and private sources including grants from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the City of Oconomowoc, local non-profits and private donors.

Entrance to this property is  restricted. Please contact Tall Pines Conservancy at (262) 369-0500 to arrange a visit of the project site. Thank you for your cooperation!

“It is our hope that our work on the Schmidt land along Mason creek, together with the project upstream, will significantly lower the phosphorous entering the entire lake network below it.”  
- Susan Buchanan, Tall Pines Conservancy Executive Director

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