Lofy Family Farm/
Richfield Historical Society

Herb and Sharon Lofy have been long-standing supporters of RHS and their farm is located across from the 33-acre Richfield Historical Park, which is part of the village of Richfield park system and is adjacent to the 92-acre Richfield Nature Park. The all-volunteer organization is responsible for restoring and maintaining numerous historic buildings within the Historical Park as well as hosting several popular events throughout the year, including the annual Thresheree. In tandem with this generous donation of a Life Estate to RHS, the Lofy family was also determined to permanently protect their ancestral property through a conservation easement with Tall Pines Conservancy.

The beautiful Coney Creek meanders among various wooded areas through both the Richfield Historical Park and the Lofy Farm. In fact, one of the reasons the Lofy Farm is such a solid candidate for conservation is that best management practices applied to the agricultural operation present a significant opportunity to benefit both the water quality of the creek and the Oconomowoc River, which it feeds.

Both RHS and TPC look forward to their new, unique partnership and thank the Lofy family for their foresight in preserving their land.

“Sharon and I are equally pleased that a portion of our farm is now covered with a conservation easement through Tall Pines. Being that this part of the farm is a life estate with Richfield Historical Society as the beneficiary, we felt that a conservancy would provide a “win-win” situation for everyone. Development has certainly taken many farms in Richfield out of production. One hundred years from now this may be one of only a few open spaces left in Richfield.” —Herb & Sharon Lofy

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