Hwy C Conservation Easements

This is the project that started a major movement to protect local land and water quality resources in our area.

It was in 1999 when a group of neighbors, concerned about the impending sale of the Barkow family farmstead along the east side of Highway C and what it would do to permanently change the area landscape, formed the Chenequa Land Conservancy (later Tall Pines Conservancy.)

The roughly 120-acre parcel, which had already been identified as a candidate for preservation by the Chenequa Open Space Plan, was productive farmland boasting rich corn, soybean and alpha crops.

The non-profit land trust purchased the property and held the conservation easements to permanently protect it against future development. The farm was subsequently split into several parcels. Each 18-20 acre parcel was purchased by a conservation buyer who later placed a conservation easement on it with one reserved right to build a single residence. Since that time, neighboring residents raised donations to allow Tall Pines to purchase the remaining development rights on one of these properties.

“The supporters of this project are to be commended for their foresight, vision and willingness to sustain the preservation of our natural setting with their personal and financial commitments.” 
—Ted Rolfs, TPC, President (1999-2005)

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