Gessert Family Farm

 One family's four-year journey to protect their cherished family farmland was realized when their 266-acre property situated next to the Rock River in the towns of Ashippun and Lebanon was placed under a conservation easement with Tall Pines Conservancy.

This unique property features acres of rolling, fertile cropland, currently being farmed organically along with a significant amount of wetlands carved out by Davy Creek running on the north side of the property. The “Gessert Hill” fondly coined by the neighbors, is actually a large kame, featuring 30+ acres of upland hardwood forest and is home to three archeologically significant Native American burial mounds.

The difficult decision to preserve the property in perpetuity was made to ensure that the family's stewardship practices, maintained for more than 65 years, would continue. Aligning their property with Tall Pines offered the Gessert Family security in knowing that the farm will remain permanently cared for to the standards and practices they value. It also ensures that a beloved family farm also prized by its neighbors and larger community will exist for future generations to enjoy.

“When our parents purchased our farm nearly 75 years ago, they taught us to have a deep connection to the land. Over time, this fostered our commitment to its stewardship. With Tall Pines, we are proud to have protections and standards that will assure our farm will be preserved well beyond our lifetimes. It is the most important legacy we can give to honor our parents’ values.” —The Gessert Family

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