An important gift was received on one of the last December mornings of 2017 when Tall Pines was given a donation of a conservation easement for lakefront property, our FIRST on Upper Nashotah Lake. These unique parcels, totaling nine acres, provide valuable shoreland buffer and woodland habitat.

The Cullens are working diligently to restore their unique property, which supports rare species such as wild rice and aquatic emergents. This includes controlling invasive species and replacing them with a wide range of native plants.

“Meredith and I have always had a strong attachment to nature whether it be plants or animals. When we became aware of the concept of "conservation easements" which would enable us to protect, in perpetuity, the land that has been part of the family farm since the 1850's, we were 'hooked'. Much of that farmland is still in a relatively natural state and we are determined to keep it that way! Preserving the pollution-filtering wetland and protecting the shoreline whose springs feed the Bark River are goals which Tall Pines allowed us to realize."

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