Resources For Farmers

Farmers for Lake Country is a farmer-led group managed by the Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program to assist with farmer education and engagement in conservation cost-share programs.

The objectives of these programs are to improve soil health and help preserve and protect our lakes and streams.

We encourage you to visit their website for current program information:

Farmers for Lake Country’s Ag Resource Conference

February 22, 2017

The following videos are from seminars presented at the 2017 Ag Resource Conference.

Videos by James Dunn

No Strings Cost Sharing

How to implement new best practices more cost-effectively by sharing expenses with your neighboring farmers.

Preserving Farmland

Why does protecting agriculture play a role in water quality?

Oconomowoc Watershed

Protection Program

A discussion on local cost-share funds for conservation.

Keep Your Farm In Farming


Wisconsin’s Farmland Preservation Program and your local Agriculture Enterprise Area.

Cover Crops – Like Manna From Heaven


An overview on the benefits of aerial seeding into corn and soybeans.

Nutrient Management Planning


Why do I need one? What are the benefits?

ABCs of Drain Tile


How can we best manage field drainage?

Water Friendly Farm


Goals and metrics to recognize good stewardship.