Zwieg Maple Acres

 Zwieg Maple Acres

Project Description: Maple Acres is a 250 acre 6th generation dairy farm founded in 1857 by the Zwieg Family. It is located within the Ashippun/Oconomowoc Agricultural Enterprise Area—a state designated area in which agricultural preservation and activity is promoted. The farm is currently operated by Joe and Lisa Zwieg together with their son Kyle, his wife Rachel and son Kevin, and his wife Taylor. The Zwieg’s mission is “to create a successful, community friendly business for future generations, while being good stewards of the land, water, and air of which farming is completely dependent upon.”

The Zwiegs have an 80 cow, conventional, seasonally-grazed dairy herd. No-Till cropping is the cornerstone of the farms sustainable efforts. This conservation based system of cropping allows the farmer to reduce erosion and run-off while increasing profitability in the short term and protecting the land for the long term.

Why: The Zwiegs preserved their farm and sold their development rights for two reasons:

1) to protect their farm for future generations and to preserve their family legacy, and

2) to buy additional land which is needed to keep their farm viable for the long term.

Where: Town of Ashippun, Dodge County

Size: 233 acres of the farm are permanently protected under conservation easement

Owners: The Zwieg Family

Easement Holders: Tall Pines Conservancy and the State of Wisconsin, Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection (Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easement program)

Partner: Special thanks to the Faye Gehl Conservation Foundation for their significant role in making this project happen.

Completion: 2011




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“With the easement process completed, we have developed a deep appreciation for all things involving land conservation and its positive effects on quality of life in our community. We truly value our association with Tall Pines and wish that through this relationship, we can be an asset and an advocate in the continuing work of land conservation in our area.”

—The Zwieg Family