Lake Conservation Easement Properties

Lake Conservation Easement Properties

Project Description: Tall Pines Conservancy currently has approximately 52 acres of lake property under 4 conservation easements on, or adjacent to, North, Beaver, Pine and Cornell lakes. These easement properties include lands within environmental and wildlife corridors, contain wetland habitats, provide beautiful vistas and significant water recharge. In 2011, TPC was the recipient of a donation of a small parcel of land with an ephemeral pond located on North Lake. This parcel, now owned in fee simple by TPC, affords us access to North Lake for educational projects.

Why: The properties are:

1) designated in the Chenequa Open Space Plan,

2) are located within environmental corridors and provide wildlife habitat,

3) are located within the larger Rock River watershed and within the Oconomowoc River watershed and/or Bark River watershed,

4) are wetlands with waterfowl habitat, ephemeral pond with amphibians, and provide groundwater recharge, and

5) are on a glacial ridge providing a scenic vista.

Where: Village of Chenequa and Town of Merton, Waukesha County

Size: 52 acres are permanently protected under conservation easement, .39 acres are owned by Tall Pines in fee-simple

Owners: Tall Pines Conservancy along with the Pritzlaff, Eschweiler, Shannon, Mullett, Brennan, Gallagher, Hoeksema & Geenen families

Easement Holder: Tall Pines Conservancy

Completion: 2000, 2006, 2011 and 2015



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“We were pleased to donate an easement on our property adjacent to Beaver Lake as we believed that maintaining it as open space for ground water re-charge will have a significant positive impact on the water quality in the Lake. Also, preserving the land from development allows for a meadow where wildlife and wetland habitat can flourish while furthering the great mission of Tall Pines as they can leverage it for educational purposes.”

—Dan Shannon