Koepke Pleasant View Farm

Koepke Pleasant View Farm

Project Description: Pleasant View Farms is a 109 acre, 5th generation farm founded in 1875 by the Koepke family. It is located just north of the City of Oconomowoc in the Town of Oconomowoc. The farm has a view of Holy Hill to the north and Lac La Belle to the south, hence the name Pleasant View Farms. It is currently being cropped with a No-Till system and is part of a larger dairy operation also owned by the Koepke family. Ninety four acres are located South of Hwy K and are adjacent to city water and sewer; therefore the threat of development was imminent. The 17 acres north of Hwy K are part of the Ashippun/Oconomowoc Agricultural Enterprise Area—a state designated area in which agricultural preservation and activity is promoted.

Why: The Koepke family preserved their farm and sold their development rights for three reasons:

1) to preserve the legacy of their Aunt Mabel and Uncle Harry Koepke who farmed this land their entire lives,

2) to be an example to other area farmers who might be interested in protecting their farm for future generations, and

3) to protect the land base needed to run their dairy operation for generations to come.

Where: Town of Oconomowoc, Waukesha County

Size: 109 acres of the farm permanently protected under conservation easement

Owners: Koepke Family

Easement Holders: Tall Pines Conservancy with Natural Resource Conservation Service (USDA) under the Federal Farm and Ranchland Protection Program

Partner: Special thanks to the Faye Gehl Conservation Foundation for their significant role in making this project happen.

Completion: 2013




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“Tall Pines is the leader in keeping some country in Lake Country. We are proud to partner with Tall Pines to protect farmland and open space in Oconomowoc– it keeps us as farmers viable, protects the environment, and keeps the community both beautiful and bountiful.” 

—John Koepke