Kieckhefer Family Farm

Kieckhefer Family Farm

Project Description: The Kieckhefer Family Farm is a 65 acre farm set on a ridge south of Beaver Lake. Approximately 32 acres of the land is Southern Hardwood forest and has been designated at Prime Environmental Corridor by SEWRPC. The remaining acreage is prime agricultural land. By keeping this large woodlot and farm intact with the encroaching development surrounding it, we preserve a large area to absorb rainwater and runoff to protect our local aquifer. We are also protecting a plant community that is large enough to thrive despite the effects of land development occurring around it.

Why: The Kieckhefer family preserved their land for three reasons:

1) for future generations and to preserve the family legacy,

2) to promote the family’s commitment to conservation, and

3) to promote man’s health through preservation of our eco-system.

Where: Town of Merton, Waukesha County

Size: 43 acres of the farm is permanently protected under conservation easement

Owners: Kieckhefer Family

Easement Holder: Tall Pines Conservancy

Completion: 2006


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“Growing up with the Kieckhefer deep respect and enjoyment of the beautiful lands, rivers, and wildlife in Wisconsin; it meant a great deal to us to partner with Tall Pines to participate in and to promote the need to preserve this heritage for the generations to come. As we learn increasingly how fundamentally man’s health is tied to nature’s health, Tall Pines is on the forefront of educating us all to do more to preserve the rich natural ecosystem of Wisconsin that we are privileged to live in.”

— The Kieckhefer Family