Hwy C Conservation Easement Properties

Hwy C Conservation Easement Properties

Project Description: In 2000, approximately 103 acres of the former Barkow Farm property located on the West side of Pine Lake and along Hwy C was purchased with the assistance of Provident Trust and approximately 50 Chenequa area donors. Subsequently, the property was parceled into 5 different ownerships, and purchased by 5 “estate buyers” –each owner placing a conservation easement on their properties with Tall Pines Conservancy. In addition, TPC purchased 5 acres of the property in fee simple. In 2011, a conservation easement was donated on 5 acres adjacent to these lands, and also located on the West side of Pine Lake.

Why: The property is:

1) productive agricultural lands with prime soils, has been identified in the county Agricultural Land Preservation Plan, and is an area of agricultural significance,

2) is located within a primary Environmental Corridor,

3) is identified within the Chenequa Open Space Plan as worthy of being protected, and

4) is a natural habitat for wildlife and and plants; 5 acres is a good example of a glacial kettle.

Where: Village of Chenequa, Waukesha County

Size: 108 acres are permanently protected under conservation easement, 5 acres are owned by Tall Pines in fee-simple

Owners: Tall Pines Conservancy along with the Manegold, Harris, Biersach, Siedel, Stanwyck/Manjoney and Rolfs families

Easement Holder: Tall Pines Conservancy

Completion: 2001 and 2011

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“The supporters of this project are to be commended for their foresight, vision and willingness to sustain the preservation of our natural setting with their personal and financial commitments.” 

—Ted Rolfs, TPC, President (1999-2005)