Camp/Quad Conservation Easement

Camp/Quad Conservation Easement 

Project Description: In 2008, Quad/Graphics donated a conservation easement on a 325-acre property located in the Mid-Kettle moraine just south of Holy Hill. The property, known as Camp Journal, was formerly owned by the Boy Scouts. It was purchased by Quad/Graphics in the 1990’s as a corporate retreat and recreational respite for employees. The Boy Scouts continue to use the property twice a year for scout outings. The property is bisected by the Little Oconomowoc River (which feeds into North Lake). Approximately 1⁄2 of the land currently used for camping, archery and hunting, is upland, with significant glacial moraine features including kettles and drumlins. The other 1⁄2 is primarily wetland and is part of the vast Murphy McConnville Wetland Complex that includes the adjacent Zinn Preserve lands. Together, the two properties represent approx. 718 acres of preserved land. As a pristine example of land conservation, Tall Pines has hosted many educational seminars and events on the property for its members.

Why: The property is:

1) within the Mid-Kettle Moraine, a significant geographical and geological area featuring moraines, kettles and drumlins,

2) part of the Rock River watershed and the Murphy Lake-McConville Lake Wetland complex-a significant aquifer recharge area identified by SEWRPC as a natural area,

3) is contiguous to two other preserved parcels of land totaling 712 acres of preserved area, and

4) bisected by the Little Oconomowoc River, preservation of which will have a positive impact on restoration of aquatic habitat and water quality feeding downstream into North Lake.

Where: Town of Erin, Washington County

Size: 325 acres are permanently protected under conservation easement

Owners: Quad/Graphics

Easement Holder: Tall Pines Conservancy

Completion: 2008

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“When we purchased the land in 1997 we always intended for it to remain in its pristine condition. Designating Camp/Quad as a conservancy is an ironclad way to ensure the land can never be developed commercially, residentially or otherwise and that it will continue to serve as an environmental showpiece and education center for generations to come.”

—Joel Quadracci, CEO, Quad/Graphics