Planned Giving


By including Tall Pines Conservancy in your will, trust or as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you have the opportunity to create a lasting legacy by helping TPC accomplish its mission.  This can be done by naming TPC as the direct beneficiary of a specific amount of money, of specific assets or of a portion of your estate after other payments are made.  Gifts to TPC are free from federal estate tax and there is no limit on the amount you can leave to the conservancy.  After your lifetime, your estate is able to take a charitable deduction for the full amount of your gift.

Your donation may be non-restricted or you may wish to direct that your gift to TPC be placed into the Land Conservation Partnership Fund.  These funds are restricted and may only be used to preserve land through acquisition or conservation expenses related to easements or the purchase of development rights.  It is important to note that when TPC enters into a conservation easement agreement or takes ownership of a property, a relationship begins which lasts forever.

To make a gift to TPC, your attorney would include language into your will or trust as follows:

“I gift to Tall Pines Conservancy, with its principal business office at W330N4465 Lakeland Drive, P.O. Box 65, Nashotah, WI  53058 (insert written amount of gift, percentage of the estate or residuary of estate, or description of property) to be used for its land preservation work – or – to be designated for its Land Conservation Partnership Fund.”

See your legal advisor for additional information.

For more information about planned giving, please click on the link below.