Clean Water Association

Clean Water Association


The Clean Water Association offers programs to engage, educate and improve our waterways.


As part of its mission, this group partners with Tall Pines Conservancy, the Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program and Farmers for Lake Country in presenting a variety of programs throughout the year.  These include the annual Healthy Lakes Conference held in spring.


Farmers for Lake Country is  a farmer-led group founded by the Clean Water Association to assist with farmer education and engagement in conservation cost-share programs, such as aerial seeding of cover crops, to help preserve and protect our lakes and streams.  Each fall, the group hosts a Field Technology Day, which provides a real-time education for farmers on the pros-and cons of planting cover crops, minimal or no-till practices and more.  The group has a strong Leadership Council comprised of progressive, conservation-minded farmers who recognize that agriculture has a key role in water quality.